Let's test PHP 8 performance with it JIT.

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PHP 8.0 Performance vs PHP 7.x

Even if opcodes are in the form of low-level intermediate representation, they still have to be compiled into machine code. JIT “doesn’t introduce any additional IR (Intermediate Representation) form”, but uses DynASM (Dynamic Assembler for code generation engines) to generate native code directly from PHP byte-code.

In short, JIT translates the hot parts of the intermediate code into machine code. Bypassing compilation, it’d be able to bring considerable improvements in performance and memory usage.

for the test, we will use the docker image: https://hub.docker.com/r/phpdockerio/php80-fpm

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Settings in PHP.ini

; Enables or disables JIT compilation of patterns. This requires the PCRE
; library to be compiled with JIT support. …


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