Hanes is America’s first name in comfort with clothing for the whole family. Recently Hanes migrate to Magento 2 and Magento Cloud. Lets analyze Magenta 2 perforce based on open website analytics data.

Site has really good traffic that Magento cloud (x-platform-serv: ei-0699c902fdaeccffa) can’t handle as a not scalable mono-server…

One Fortune 500 merchant asked to evaluate several Magento Certified Premium Agencies implementations based on their website success stories.

Magento as a company and their minions always over advertises their services. So let’s check how the actual Magento implementation looks.

I took all likes from the Magento Agency website. …

In this article, I want to discuss different ways that we have seen Adobe commerce customers unnecessarily padding Adobe’s bank account with expensive Commerce Cloud costs.

Magento Adobe Commerce Cloud Architecture

Using Larger Instance Sizes Than Needed

The great thing about running your Magento in the Adobe Commerce Cloud is Adobe makes it easy to resize(scale) vertically and use a bigger…

Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce have 1000+ core issues. This is the list of the top issues discovered by merchants.

1.Magento 2.3 images cache generation generates wrong hash for some images with a custom theme that has the keep_frame var set to 0

#19710 opened on Dec 11, 2018

I just upgrade my Magento 2 project from 2.2.6 to 2.3. After the upgrade, some images in the catalog are showing placeholders instead of…

This weekends September 25–26, 2021, San Diego Fork Magento meetup took place. Members of the San Diego County participated in this meeting together with people from other cities (LA, San Francisco, Chicago) and from other countries Germany, Netherlands, and Ukraine.

The following resolution was adopted:

Develop Magento Fork under the…

After 42 hours of an Adore Commerce Cloud downtime that support can’t fix because they don’t care. Fortune 500 Merchant decided to migrate out of an Adore Commerce Cloud to Oracle Magento self-hosted Cloud using ARM Ampere instance with 128 CPUs. …

Magento Community Fork Composer architecture

Alan Storm in his article (https://alanstorm.com/do-not-try-to-bend-the-fork-thats-impossible/) about Magento Fork challenges mentioned :

Magento 2 is intended to be installed and run via composer, but Magento doesn’t publish packages to the public packagist repository. Instead, they have a third party repository named https://repo.magento.com where individual packages are published. This repository is…

As the pandemic permanently alters the landscape for eCommerce, it’s more important than ever to provide an exceptional buying experience for customers. …

The Nodejento Connector for Magento enables you to create modern JavaScript applications and scripts that use JS Sequalize Object-Relational Mappings of the Magento 2 database.

The rich ecosystem of Node JS modules lets you get to work quickly and integrate your systems effectively. With the Nodejento Magento Connector, you can…

Install Magenta 2 on MacOS local development environment x86 and ARM M2 platforms

Install Home-brew:

sudo chown -R $(whoami): /usr/local/share/zsh/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/HEAD/install.sh)"

Install Docker :

Follow this links :

Install Monodocker Magento virtualization

docker pull genaker/magento2-mono

This Magento 2 docker image designed especially for Mac

to run Magento stack you need a single container:

docker run --privileged --name magento2-container -dit…

Yegor Shytikov

Magento/APP Cloud Architect. Melting metal server infrastructure into cloud solutions.

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