About Magento Cloud Pricing

In an ideal world, eating bacon would be healthy, and the cost of running your eCommerce Magento website would be transparent.

Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world.

Also, bacon can cause heart problems.

The Cost of Magento Commerce Cloud

As with the On-Premise version, the cost of Magento Commerce Cloud is tiered and depends on your site’s GMV. It starts at around $XX,XXX but does include the price of hosting.

Magento didn’t build its own cloud platform. It partnered with Platform.sh to resell its services.

This version also comes with a pre-provisioned, not scalable infrastructure that incorporates MySQL, PHP, Redis, Elasticsearch, and RabbitMQ technologies…

Magento 2 Commerce Cloud is just an awful and expensive platform with terrible performance.

Many merchants receive happy e-mails with the bills for the last year:

Merchants asked me to promote this information and save the businesses from Bankruptcy in these hard COVID Days.

Many of them are asking how they can migrate out of the Magento Cloud.

I’m writing this instruction to save all merchants from this Cloud Trap.

YOU need to install the Magento Cloud CLI:

1.Install the magento-cloud CLI.

  • curl -sS https://accounts.magento.cloud/cli/installer | php

2. Add magento-cloud CLI to the bash profile.

  • export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.magento-cloud/bin

3.To initiate the…

Magento 2 merchant recently asked whether it is possible to identify the query causing high CPU usage on his website. Hopefully, this Magento is hosted not on Magento Broken official Cloud. So it is possible to fix the issues, not just create the ticket and wait for a while response that Magento 2 Core sucks and it is not a MySQL issue.

MySQL has support to map processlist ids to OS thread ids through column TID of the information_schema.processlist table starting with the release of 5.7, MySQL followed with its own implementation by extending the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA.THREADS …

The Magento 2 Fortune 500 merchant noticed a high CPU usage in their AWS MySQL instances and could not figure out why as there was no much traffic hitting the store. We needed to reduce the high CPU usage on AWS MySQL RDS. Lucky to us, this merchant doesn’t use Magento Commerce Cloud, which is the worst platform for monitoring and optimization. We were able to install PMM and troubleshoot the issue.

Let’s see how PMM can be used to troubleshoot the issue.

CPU Magento MySQL issue

It’s important to understand where the CPU time is being consumed: userspace, system space, iowait, and so…

Everybody knows Magento 2 is the slowest and outdated eCommerce solution. It is so broken that it is impossible to fix it. The only way to build good solutions on Magento is NodeJS Microservices.

Why Node JS over Magento Framework. Because of the performance. JavaScript and Node JS is the most dynamically growing language when PHP is just legacy and outdated technology for personal home pages and can’t be considered as Enterprise-grade language. Just look at NodeJs vs. PHP performance:

The second reason is an ecosystem. Node JS has an embedded Server. With PHP, you should use 3-d party Nginx…

Magento 2 interception approach changes the behavior of a class function, but it does not change the class itself.

When the before and around plugin sequence is finished, Magento calls the first plugin after method in the sequence loop, and not the after the method of the current plugin that was being executed by the around method.

Magento uses a lot of plugins, even at its core, it lowers request time by ~30%. This is especially noticeable in places where there is a lot of non-cached PHP logic going on (for example admin panel/cart/checkout/Ajax is noticeably slow). …

The developer's name is anonymous to protect him from the Magento/Adobe and theirs “business” partners abuse and humiliation.

“ … M2 was NEVER faster compared to M1. I was an eBay engineer at. This time and I was very against publishing these results. They are bull-t. And instead of focusing on code and better arch some folks decided to use fake marketing instead. I was internally showing that we are testing Varnish performance and not M2 performance. And Varnish was already available as an M1 extension for Magento, so in fact, all “performance benefits” of M1 were not really existed…

Magento 2 it is themost trouble making eCommerce platform in the world.

Magento trouble description

It is a list of the official Magento 2 troubles you will have:

  • Redis trouble
  • Magento Advanced Reporting trouble
  • Magento deployment trouble
  • Elasticsearch in Magento trouble
  • “Something Went Wrong” trouble
  • Slow Frontend Performance (Goggle Page Speed )
  • Slow Backend TTFB Performance
  • Magento Site Down trouble
  • MAgento Commerce Cloud issues
  • Magento 2.4.2 B2B: discount remains pay method change
  • Magento 2.4.2: Braintree Venmo payment does not work
  • Cannot access Magento Commerce Cloud UI
  • Magento 2.3.6: spinner displayed indefinitely when saving address
  • Database errors related to max_allowed_packet on Magento
  • MySQL server…

Why Magento 2 is so popular eCommerce platform?

The answer is simple, the reptiloid alien race has conspired with the NSA (and the Ukrainians) to torture us programmers to death…

But seriously, Magento 2 is probably the answer.

Magento 2 is the most distressing thing to happen to computing since MS-DOS.

Magento was Simple

When it was first introduced in 2008, Magento 1 was a very simple PHP framework, compared to the Magento 2 monster. At that time, the barrier of entry for writing eCommerce applications was high. Developing eCommerce applications involved writing raw PHP 4.0 code.

When Magento 1…

Since PHP 7.1, the mcrypt library was deprecated and removed from PHP 7.2. You can read more about it in the php.net article “mcrypt viking funeral“ (PHP guys have a sense of humor).

The “phpseclib”, used by Magento, has an algorithm of how it selects which library to use for cryptography. In short:

The prioritization is as follows: OpenSSL > mcrypt > pure-PHP
mcrypt and OpenSSL are loads faster than the pure-PHP implementation
mcrypt offers a 45x speedup over the internal mode, OpenSSL offers a 6.5x speedup over mcrypt.

Due to the absence of mcrypt library in PHP 7.2, phpseclib used pure-PHP cryptography implementation which is 45x times slower — that explains why we observe performance degradation.

A logical question here would be, why phpseclib is not using OpenSSL, which is 6.5x …

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Magento/APP Cloud Architect. Melting metal server infrastructure into cloud solutions.

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