Magento 2 Comunity Version itself is not so bad. However, Magento Core issues/bugs should be fixed during the implementation of the projects by Magento Agencies. As we can see Magento agencies not able to fix Magento’s core issues and contribute PR with the solution and unit/functional these to the official GitHub Open Source repository. As a result, Agencies are not able to deliver good projects using the M2 framework. Agencies are interested only in their own profit and hire the cheapest developers or outsource the development overseas. They are not able to even identify the issues.

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Magento Comunity ManiFesTo

In the crowded world of eCommerce, it often feels like there are no new tricks to try out. Lots of agencies claim to be committed to shaking up stale industry protocol, but “talking big” only goes so far without authentically innovative approaches to back it up and just sales broken Magento 2 solutions hosted on slow Magento’s Cloud. …

Before I wrote about bad Magento Cloud performance, basically, Magento Commerce Cloud is broken and can’t be fixed. Merchants are really frustrated but still using it. However, Helly Hansen (HH) decided to move the website out of this cloudy Magento solution. We have previous performance test results, and today we will compare metrics before with the new HH environment after the exodus.

Previous Pivot Table Helly Hansen Magento 2 Performance on Magento Commerce Hosting

| | Magento 2 HH |
| 1.Home Page | 2367 |
| 2.Product Page | 3580 |
| 3.Category page | 6046 |
| 4.Filter/Layered Navigation | 6009 |
| 5.Search Result | 7320 |
| 6.Search …

M2 is the slowest platform on the market and has many misleading advertisement campaigns and marketing lies about M2 performance. One of such lies: M2 is faster than M1. Let’s check that.

OpenMage LTS ( is a community-driven true Open Source fork of Magento 1.9 with security vulnerability patches, bug fixes, performance improvements, and more.

Today we will check how Adobe improved the performance of the “innovative” e-commerce platform built on top of abandoned Zend Framework v.1 and Knockout.JS vs Previous Magento version 1.9.

We have a C5.xlarge instance (3 GHz Intel Xeon Platinum 8124M, 4 vCPU, 8 GiB memory) with M1 and Magento 2 sample data. PHP 7.4. All Magento stack (PHP, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, Varnish, Nginx ) installed on the same instance. …

RDS MySQL disable AZ stand by high Availability

For write intensive app it is better disable AZ failover for better performance.

RDS uses synchronous replication and it provides some issues:

DB instances may have increased write and commit latency compared to a Single AZ deployment, due to the synchronous data replication

Transaction success is returned only if the commit is successful both on the primary and the standby DB

Geographically distant web servers add latency and degrade the shopping experience. Such mistakes can prove costly, resulting in lost customers, missed revenue, and reputational damage.

Route your traffic to your regional Magento Servers based on the user’s location.

When you use geolocation routing, you can localize your web store and present some or all of your websites in the language of your users. You can also use geolocation routing to restrict access to the websites to only the locations you have distribution rights. Another use case is balancing load across endpoints.

You can specify your store geographic locations by continent, by country, or by the state in the United States. …

With Magento 2, we could use an open-source solution such as Apache Solr or Elasticsearch. We could use a managed solution such as Klevu or Algolia or use MySQL full-text search, which was the default one before the M2.4 release. However, it is better to use MYSQL for the following reasons:
* There’s no need to install extra heavy Java software or libraries just to run a slow Magento 2.4.x website.
* You can use the same database interface we use in our app to perform search queries (PDO)
* You don’t need to provision any additional servers
* There’s no extra cost to you
* The data is stored in one place that you can easily control and debug
* There’s no requirement to keep your database rows in sync with another source
The main arguments against using MySQL search are accuracy and speed at scale. However, ElasticSearch with Magento 2 also has performance issues you will struggle with. It is not a silver bullet. So, the Magento sales team made a bad architectural decision to remove an easy solution vs. …

Let’s test PHP 8 performance with a JIT.

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PHP 8.0 Performance vs PHP 7.x

Even if opcodes are in the form of low-level intermediate representation, they still have to be compiled into machine code. JIT “doesn’t introduce any additional IR (Intermediate Representation) form”, but uses DynASM (Dynamic Assembler for code generation engines) to generate native code directly from PHP byte-code.

In short, JIT translates the hot parts of the intermediate code into machine code. Bypassing compilation, it’d be able to bring considerable improvements in performance and memory usage.

for the test, we will use the docker image:

Magento is a popular legacy CMS platform for running an online store. It is chosen by people who want to create a large online store with many functionalities that facilitate the management of a small number of products. Unfortunately, this is done by quite high requirements of server price and bad out-of-the-box performance.

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When you are using Magento CMS version 2, you have to be aware that its core and 3-d party modules optimizations (thanks to the broken M2 ecosystem) will cost more money than initial development using outsourced services. Magento 2 is a product of sales technology, not a modern software project. …

ORO inc. was founded by Yoav Kutner and two other Magento co-founders, Jary Carter, the company’s former Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Channel, and Dmitry Soroka, its former lead architect. They said they created the company because there was no existence with Magento 2 performance and bad architectural decisions. In one of his interview Yoav Kutner told:

Magento was a great experience for us since we learned what works well and not so well. We saw first hand what markets were underserved and had to make compromises. At one point, I asked myself, “if we were to do it again, what would we do differently?” …

Magento SaaS has really good performance versus other hosted Magento implementations :

Tested URL:  source=consolerunning (00m21.6s), 0/1 VUs, 20 complete and 0 interrupted iterations
default ✓ [======================================] 1 VUs 00m21.5s/10m0s 20/20 shared iters
█ setup█ teardowndata_received..............: 1.6 MB 73 kB/s
data_sent..................: 8.6 kB 395 B/s
http_req_blocked...........: min=1.24µs med=1.95µs avg=2.11ms max=42.21ms p(95)=2.11ms
http_req_connecting........: min=0s med=0s avg=364.61µs max=7.29ms p(95)=364.61µs
http_req_duration..........: min=390.5ms med=562.95ms avg=561.78ms max=724.91ms p(95)=704.09ms
http_req_receiving.........: min=599.35µs med=5.23ms avg=18.63ms max=48.69ms p(95)=47.69ms
http_req_sending...........: min=129.95µs med=179.55µs avg=191.96µs max=442.91µs p(95)=353.54µs
http_req_tls_handshaking...: min=0s med=0s avg=883.47µs max=17.66ms p(95)=883.47µs
http_req_waiting...........: min=343.06ms med=545.17ms avg=542.95ms max=702.25ms p(95)=679.24ms
http_reqs..................: 20 0.924075/s
iteration_duration.........: min=562.04µs med=1.06s avg=978.31ms max=1.23s p(95)=1.23s
iterations.................: 20 0.924075/s
vus........................: 1 min=1 max=1
vus_max....................: …


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