Adobe Commerce(Magento2) is complete trash, stay away at all costs

Friendly warning to anyone who is considering launching a store with Adobe Commerce / Magento 2.

Choose something else.

Magento 2 is complete nightmare garbage to work with. I regret spending over 6 years trying to get this platform to work. And it didn’t. Adobe/Mageno2 still does not work properly.

However, Adobe is not responsible for the Magento 2 project failure. Adobe has become painfully aware of, over the past year with Magento. What Adobe was sold on when it bought Magento, was perhaps the prototype of Magento Commerce Cloud (white labeled hosting from the with a few examples of smaller brands using it and a lot of failed big projects (Nike, Adidas, Walmart, Starbucks, MacDonalds). Adobe has realized that Magento may not be as good as originally forecast. adobe Commerce Cloud is essentially a bunch of disparate pieces of the legacy technologies from multiple vendors that don’t work well together at scale.

Some highlights of Adobe Commerce development:

MagentoMan Claun bringing new features

I’m totally ok to charge big bucks however it should be a good solution, not a Magento broken slow working, buggy solutions.

Adobe Commerce had their chance to show they learned lessons from how Magento 2 and Magento 1 development went.

They proved instead that they learned all the wrong things, and doubled down on many of the architectural mistakes.

A bad car is a bad car. It doesn’t matter if they spent $10000000000 R&D on that car.

It is still BAD.

Since 2010 when Magento was bought by eBay and after Adobe it is not open-source anymore it has a capitalist mindset.

Capitalist mindset means: They only care solely about profit, making money.

They don’t invest much in quality control, tests, and after-sale services, but they invest heavily in advertisements so that they get 4-star reviews and praises.

Real open-source massive investments into quality control, tests, surveys, and development using own technology, so that there is nearly 100% guarantee that solution last longer.

Magento 2 is not stable at all and should be avoided at all costs for production builds at present. There are people having issues due to open bugs and literally showstopper level security vulnerabilities still being discovered. The community are reporting issues faster than they can be fixed, and there’s a worrying feeling that the community aren’t being listened to in the development of M2.

Adobe doesn’t care about architecture, performance, and development satisfaction because they are not building anything using Magento platform. Their main goal sells the license and shitty Cloud and after it is your issue, not theirs. Because Magento doesn’t have real competitors in the cheap Enterprise level solutions and non technically educated merchants will buy whatever will be advertised.

It doesn’t matter if anyone put 10000 hours developing a product. If the product is bad, it is bad. You can’t applaud the effort, you need to applaud RESULTS.

An eCommerce system should not be that hard to make. These things are hard to make. An eCommerce system really is not.

Adobe Commer architecture is just bad, it took the worst parts of Magento 1,2.

There are many other good alternatives out there (open source). But if you a serious about going Adobe Commerce (the enterprise edition) there are A LOT of better vendors out there. Don’t waste your money on it.

Headless is the only thing that can save this wreck to escape the horrible frontend however legacy slow sucky backend will be unchangeable

Magento 2 is a joke. It worst software I ever had to work with.

The Magento-based headless implementation also sucks. Want to add a GraphQL endpoint? have fun figuring out that convoluted shit code. The documentation is complete crap too.

Want to do headless for performance? Sorry, you still need your Admin token for certain calls, so better make a proxy that does this for you, so you don't expose an admin token to the world. The API performance is not better, it still slow. Why it should be better if it shares the same broken backend. Yes, not layouts but to render one Headless page you need to make 5–10 times more API. GraphQL request. So, Headless is even slower and doesn’t have FPC ;)

Want to add a module from a 3rd party vendor, respectable or not? You need to modify the module yourself to add (at least) REST API support.

We had to overwrite CORE modules with dev-master versions cause of bugs… now comes the time to upgrade to 2.3.3… kill me, everything breaks and we spent a week with 2 programmers to fix this dumpster fire.

A lot of advertisements about Adobe Magento Good performance in the context of Full Page Cache and Varnish. However, the cache is not a platform performance any platform can be cached in Varnish, however, page generation performance, checkout, searches, admin area, API performance does matter.

Magento/APP Cloud Architect. Melting metal server infrastructure into cloud solutions.

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