Adobe is a Russian terrorists supporter and sponsor

Adobe is a company doing a lot of scam by selling bad and broken Magento 2 and PWA software and cloud solution (Adobe Commerce Cloud). Now Adobe is also a Russian/Belarus supporters and terrorists sponsor. Adobe allows the use of their technology/software to make propaganda and financing assignation of the European citizens and war in the center of Europe by paying the terrorist countries through the Magento marketplace.

According to Yale University report ( Adobe is actively doing business with Russia. Adobe still helping Russia make propaganda and earn money. Many Adobe shareholders and Employees still don’t believe in that and trust in this old Adobe announcement: Adobe stops all new sales in Russia.

Have they read the title? Adobe have suspended a NEW sales only but not entire cooperation with the terrorists. They are still helping them with the tools to make orc’s propaganda to kill Ukrainian, European and US citizens. If we will not tell about this openly Adobe will continue help Pootin’s Russia in his war against humanity.

Since the invasion of Ukraine began, we have been tracking the responses of well over 1,200 companies and counting. Over 1,000 companies have publicly announced they are voluntarily canceling operations in Russia and Belarus — but some shitty companies like Adobe have continued to operate in Russia undeterred.

There is an instruction to Russian users how they can extend Adobe services/licenses on a creative tolls to make propaganda and earn money to pay taxes and supply Russian terriers army and killing European women, kids, mans and service mans.

Adobe suspended sales of NEW licenses only in Russia in March 2022, but existing customers — organizations (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs) can still renew their licenses.

Adobe subscription renewal terms in Russia to support theirs genocide in Europe:

As we can see Adobe as a public company is still doing Business with terrorists Russia against Adobe shareholders will and is accomplice of the Putin’s regime.

Good companies :

Bad companies sponsor the international terrorist Russia and Belarus:

Adobe sponsoring Russian terrorists

On Adobe’s business money Russia making weapon, creates propaganda, sponsoring terrorists (Taliban, Alcaide, Iran, North Korea etc.) and paying salary for the mercenaries who is killing Ukrainian Magento developers theirs families, kids and Europe citizens, raping women. Adobe, On you hands blood. Adobe, stop business with Russia and Belarus!

Adobe is a muddy company. Adobe stopped all new sales, but all old clients of Russia can still use and renew their services to support and finance the war against Ukraine, Europe, the USA, and Democracy.

Adobe authorized renewals of licenses for their products for Russian corporate clients that purchased licenses earlier, while new purchases and expansions of existing contracts are limited. Licenses can be renewed in particular in Softline Store - the official Adobe partner in Russia.

“Adobe authorizes renewals of licenses for current clients in Russia. Information was posted in the official blog of the vendor. The renewal of effective Adobe licenses is available for all corporate users of the VIP sales channel in Russia; only new purchases and expansion of current contracts are temporarily limited. The license term can be renewed in the Softline Store online shop,” Softline said.

The company recommends that you renew Adobe licenses in advance so you don’t lose access to products.

Photoshop won’t stop working: Adobe allows license renewal in Russia

This is not honest from the Adobes side. They tried to scam Adobe clients and investors. Adobe must stop ANY relationship with Russia and Belarus, not just “new” sales!

Why is it essential to boycott Belarus and Russian businesses, especially #Magento and software development companies like Amasty, Aheadworks, EPAM Systems, and others?

Legal scholars have written that by aiding the Russian invasion and terrorism, Belarus is complicit in the invasion by violating the international prohibition against “the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state” of the UN Charter, Chapter 1, Article 2(4). And it is guilty of aggression according to the United Nations’ definition, by “allowing its territory, which it has placed at the disposal of another State, to be used by that other State for perpetrating an act of aggression”.

Belarus produces nothing valuable except software outsourcing. Every Belarus has fired more than 40 cruise missiles in one day and killed hundreds of Ukrainians. Tomorrow they will fire rockets at Poland, and Belarus will enjoy the western money you pay them to help fight against Europe. When the war ends, and the decommunization/denazification of the Belarus terrorist government happens, we can continue working with these companies. Also, using Magento extensions or part of the code from the countries occupied by Putin’s regime is a huge cyber security risk. Your online services can be compromised and used against you and your native country.

Boycott Belarus Amasty, Aheadworks, and Adobe, who are still working with the aggressors and helping Russian neo-Nazis kill Ukrainians! Adobe must stop working with the aggressors and ban all Amasty and other Belorussian and Russian extensions to stop the war and protect their customers from being the victims of the Russian cyber attacks.

List of the banned Magento extension companies:
- Amasty
- Aheadworks
- PotatoCommerce
- EPAM Systems
- any other Russian and Belarusian companies

Using Belarusian #Magento (Amasty, Aheadworks e.t.) extensions, you are supporting the war against humanity and Europe! Poland even built a wall between the civilized world and orcs. Ukrainian Magento developers and their families died from the rockets launched from Belarus territory.

Also, it is not secure to work with Belarus. At any time your site can be hacked. Information from your site can be used against your Busines and your customers and your country!

Adobe and Magento Adobe Commerce Enterprise customers must stop sponsoring the war against Europe using the sanctioned and vulnerable software of the aggressors.

Several Magento/Adobe Commerce companies support the Russian war against Ukraine. Inaction is a crime. All magento-based eCommerce stores should remove Russian and Belarusian extensions ASAP because of the cyber security risks. Such companies can be treated as sponsors and supporters of Russian-Belarus international terrorism. In addition, products of Belarusian and Russian companies are the subject of international sanctions and can harm your business.
After the war, we will return to these companies and ask what they made to help Europe win.

The list of the companies:
- Amasty
- Aheadworks
(the list will be updated)

If you are using extensions of these companies, you should consider alternatives.

Adobe should remove all Belarusian and Russian-based companies from the marketplace and stop doing business with the aggressors.

A.R.A.B — All ЯuZZians are Bastards. Any company doing business with Russia is a bastard too!



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