Become a Magento as a Service Partner

We’re Actively Seeking Experts to help Magneto Merchants Design and Build Incredible Online Stores and also Extensions/Core Development (Open SaaS Fork of the Magento 2 Open source).

If you have expertise in one or more of these areas and offer services designed for small business needs and budgets, you can join Magento as a Service (SaaS) as a Partner

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What We Do

  • Magento encourages its merchants to “Partners” and seek expert help for design, advanced store set up, and SEO and marketing.
  • We list all Partners on our Partner page on the SaaS web site
  • We send leads to you
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What You Do

  • Provide expert services to Magneto merchants
  • Refer qualified merchants to Magneto Shop SaaS
  • Develop Magento 2 fork with better features and performance
  • Develop Extensions as a SaaS

If you are interested send me an Email:

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Magento/APP Cloud Architect. Melting metal server infrastructure into cloud solutions.

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