eCommerce SaaS Boom is changing the role of Magento and creating new technology

Business departments have increasingly taken responsibility for technology buys, often circumventing traditional IT department involvement altogether

Magento 2 as a service, cloud technologies and PWA has driven this trend, with several business lines following marketing’s trail to eschew the IT department for enterprise solutions.

The cloud Magento advantages is a near frictionless implementation and cost savings of SaaS with enterprise support vs outsourcing self-hosted quality.

The shift to SaaS has rapidly accelerated over the last 3 months due to COViD and now even conservative verticals like restaurants and mama’s and papa’s shops are deploying SaaS eCommerce solutions for their core business functions.

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Shopify SaaS vs Magento 2

The number of organizations using Magneto SaaS solutions will grow considerably which is why he advises organizations to rethink the role of their IT departments.

While IT may be being left out of the initial purchase conversation, it will prove critical in its integration and subsequent challenges.

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The research says a “tidal wave” of new SaaS and cloud spend is coming but currently, nearly a third of enterprise solutions remain on-premise while 24 percent of organizations rely on managed services.

Despite the Adobe advertisements, satisfaction rates with Magento Commerce Cloud PaaS are low to passive, Magento SaaS is the best way to go for you. Join our community to build better Magento:

Magento/APP Cloud Architect. Melting metal server infrastructure into cloud solutions.

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