Improve and Fix Slow Magento 2 Performance Top issues

Adobe’s Customer Engineering team has researched and identified the top 10 common issues that impact Magento Commerce sites. These 10 issues constitute approximately 30% of all issues identified through our Site-Wide Analysis Tool. Through this whitepaper we identify these common issues, explain the potential impact they could have, and recommend best practices to address them. Whether you are starting a new project or managing an existing implementation, Adobe recommends reviewing these issues and incorporating the practices to provide the optimal SITE PERFORMANCE and visitor experience.

Magento 2 Issues:
Async Order Processing is Not Enabled

Deferred Stock Updates is not Enabled

Redis Replica Connection is not Enabled

Graviton 2 Redis Performance

OP Cache Size not set correctly


CSS Unification is Not Enabled

“Magento 2 single page loads 7+Mb of Javascript and has a huge DOM. Images are not deferred and the main thread being kept busy for almost half a minute(cause all that JS needs evaluating) and you’re in Heaven. Probably the worst, most amateurish platform for delivering applications. Has to be the most costly disaster that blighted the world of Software in the last 30 years.”

Magento Community Software Engineer

CSS assets minification is not enabled

JS Minification is Not Enabled

Magento ECE-Tools Version is Outdated

Unused Magento Banner Functionality

To be continued…




True Stories about Magento 2. Melting metal server infrastructure into cloud solutions. Donate:

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Yegor Shytikov

Yegor Shytikov

True Stories about Magento 2. Melting metal server infrastructure into cloud solutions. Donate:

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