Magento 2 Implementations Case Study & Shopify vs. Magento 2 performance comparison.

One Fortune 500 merchant asked to evaluate several Magento Certified Premium well-known Boutiques based on their implementations success stories.

Magento as a company and their minions always over advertises their services. So let’s check how the real world Magento implementation looks.

I took all links from the Magento Agencies websites. We will check only “successful” cases studies.

Sites for test:

Whola | The best Australian fashion & lifestyle wholesale products

Online wholesale platform featuring the hottest selling Australian fashion & lifestyle brands. Create your free account…

Glassmania | Create your own personalised glass

The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your…

Carbon38 | Performance Fashion Designed to Move with You

Discover high-fashion activewear and women’s ready-to-wear at Carbon38. We bring fashion to function across our curated…

Joie — Luxury Women’s Fashion | Joie

Shop for Women’s Casual Yet Luxurious Clothing, Dresses, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories. Free Shipping &…


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Let's start


Optimizing the performance of an Australian marketplace by 5x, improving the page loading speed to ❤ seconds, and supporting the Whola Magento website on an ongoing basis

PLP performance :

1332ms response time. Not bad for Magento 2.

692ms. Also, not bad. Sub 1 second response time is possible if you have only basic functionality without any extensions and customizations. This is the only fast website page we have found during our test and it is a simple static CMS page.

It is not actually a product Page: it is just a page with that image that takes 600ms to respond:

The biggest issue of all Magento websites is a bloated core framework and 3-d party modules and customization. Only a simple website can be relatively(fast M2 websites doesn’t exist) fast with Magento 2.

Let’s check other websites.


Migrating a Swiss glass producer from WordPress to Magento Commerce Cloud and expanding website functionality

PLP performance:

2.5 seconds to respond. It looked like real enterprise Magento quality when additional functionality were implemented.

3.4 seconds to respond. Regularly product page is faster than the category page, but not in this case.

Carbon 38

Migrating the online fashion retail store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and expanding the website’s functionality.

Magento implementation was so successful that the merchant decided to migrate to Shopify then struggle with endless Magento core bugs and performance issues.

Shopify Category Page performance:

Result: 503 ms response time.

Really good for an enterprise website.

PDP performance Shopify

Result: 495 ms to respond.


Creating a Fully Equipped Magento 2 Website to Drive Sales for Inc5000 Fastest Growing Company

Holly Guacamole. The same story. this merchant likes Magento so much that decided to go with Shopify.

Response: 487 ms for category page and 308 ms for product page.

Suddenly, my Magent 2 performance test turned into Shopify vs. Magento performance test, and we can see that Shopify provides a much better sub-500ms response time with great throughput for all the pages.

The next website is


Helping Joie, a fashion brand, to upgrade to Magento 2 Commerce Edition

Category Page

Response time is 2467 ms. So, we can see Magento 2 fashion website is 5 times slower than Shopify one.

Product Page:

Response time 1427 ms. Magento Category page is almost always slower than the Product page and is 3 times slower than Shopify Category page response time.


Helping Amsale, an offline fashion brand, go online by creating a fully functional online store on Magento

Amsale also moved from the Magento to Shopify, and that’s why ->

Category Response time :

261 ms

Product Page response time :

373 ms

Shopify is just amazing fast out of the box without ANY caches. On the other hand, Magento 2 out of the box is slow, but after customization, it is extremely slow.


Replatforming to Magento Commerce Cloud and expanding the website’s functionality for a leading distributor of professional audio equipment.

Category Page

Result: 3930ms.

Product Page

Result 4919 ms. This website is just a leader. Worse than Adobe Commerce can be only Adobe commerce hosted on Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Watches of Mayfair

Watches of Mayfair found Magento agency on LinkedIn. They had “everything” they were looking for: large experience in eCommerce development, expertise in Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration.

Category Page

Result 1698 ms

Product Page

Result 1400ms. the only luck of this customer he doesn’t use Adore Commerce Cloud…

And the latest website will me


Adobe salespeople advertise this solution like an iconic Magento-based website. However, as we discovered, it is a 1000% ShopifyPlus-based eCommerce solution with massive traffic. And that why ->

Category Page (PLP) Shopify Performance :

Result: 491ms for a heavy page.

Product Page (PDP) Shopify performance

Result: 347ms

So as we can see from the real implementation results, Adobe Commerce Magento 2 is suitable for a small and simple low-traffic website when Shopify is just a rock.

Magento 2 vs Shopify Performace Pivot Table

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