Magento 2 was named the best eCommerce platform 2021 according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and that’s why.

  • reduced complexity
  • improved performance
  • improved developer experience
  • improved development velocity
  • reduced dependencies
  • reduced learning curve

Laragento Laravel Magento Microservices

Nodejento (formerly known as NodeGento)

Magento (PWA)Progressive Web Applications Are Not a Magento PWA Studio

Integration with the ReactJS

Magento 2 Code Generator

  • controllers,
  • models,
  • blocks,
  • template files,
  • plugins/interceptors
  • rewrites/preferences
  • observer,
  • console scripts,
  • product attributes.



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Yegor Shytikov

Yegor Shytikov

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