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About Magento Cloud Pricing

In an ideal world, eating bacon would be healthy, and the cost of running your eCommerce Magento website would be transparent.

Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world.

Also, bacon can cause heart problems.

The Cost of Magento Commerce Cloud

As with the On-Premise version, the cost of Magento Commerce Cloud is tiered and depends on your site’s GMV. It starts at around $XX,XXX but does include the price of hosting.

Magento didn’t build its own cloud platform. It partnered with to resell its services.

This version also comes with a pre-provisioned, not scalable infrastructure that incorporates MySQL, PHP, Redis, Elasticsearch, and RabbitMQ technologies on each server.

Basically, what you need to know about Magento cloud it is not a Cloud. It is just Preinstalled Server with a fixed amount of resources. You can upscale, but it doesn’t work well, and you will pay an additional 3.8$ per vCPU day.

Real Magento cloud Princess is:

Case #1

Basically, it is a 41 vCPU server, instance. Even C5.12XLarge has 48 vCPU

AWS resources cost of these resources is 850$ (c5.12xlarge — 48 vCPU) per month or $10K per year.

So we can see that Magento Commerce Cloud is 10 times overpriced.

Case #2

In this case, merchants paying $6470 per months per 12vCPU when the staging environment shares server resources with the production environment ))

AWS resources, in this case, are 219$ per month. So, in this case, Magento's Cloud is 30 times overpriced.

Case #3

48 vCPU Server with the cost of 31K per month wen AWS resources cost is 850$. So, in this case, Magento Cloud is 36 times overpriced.

All these prices just for the hosting(“cloud”) without Software license fees.

However, you think this is the total cost, but not they have overage fees, and with such a terrible performance, 12 or 48 vCPU will not be enough, and they will scale the server and charge you additional. Even if 48 vCPU is enough, they still will scale you up to charge more.

Email from the Magento Sucess Payment Managers about overdue:

Adobe Billing is looking to charge you on 5/1/21 for the computing overages you’ve incurred over the last year of your contract. Below is a breakdown of the overages. As you can see, it’s tremendous:

Adobe Contract Has:

Compute Capacity. Subject to the availability of processing resources provided by the Hosting Service, at the Customer’s request or when Magento determines there are insufficient processing resources to support the demands of the Customer’s Sites at Magento’s sole discretion (each a “Surge Event”), Magento may increase the number of Virtual CPUs dedicated to the Production Instance of the Customer’s Account (“Surge Capacity”). The occurrence of each Surge Event may result in the Customer’s Account operating at the increased Surge Capacity for a minimum of five (5) days. Even a momentary Surge Event may result in the usage of the Customer’s Surge Capacity. The Surge Capacity will be calculated as the number of Virtual CPUs in the server configuration(s) used during the Surge Event multiplied by the number of days that such Surge Events lasts (“CPU Days”). A higher amount of Virtual CPUs used during any given Surge Event will consume a greater amount of the Customer’s Surge Capacity. If Customer exceeds the amount of Surge Capacity defined in the Order Form during any given twelve month period, Customer’s agrees to pay additional overage fees as set forth on the Order Form. The Customer’s Surge Capacity will reset at the beginning of each anniversary of the Effective Date.

Now it is clear why Magento 2 is so broken. It is like a car that is always broken down. You need to buy spare parts and constantly pay for the labor to repair.

So now merchants need to pay for a shitty Magento 2 performance.

Magento Comunity About Magento Cloud :

Magento is free, just download it and build your shop. Aws, Google, Azure — cloud is open for everyone. Intuitive interface with aids and lots of documentation. Just go open your account and create your infrastructure. I dont understand why you let some “companies-parasites” to dictate you rules of ecommerce, let them oversell you what is already “free”, and steal your money. In Magento Cloud you don’t pay for hosting, you share the profit with the gloomy marketing department.

Denis Zõkov, CEO MagenX

When I found that my customer was going to use Magento Cloud and that it was based on I went ahead and tested Magento and Performance was terrible. I was assured once we went to the paid Magento cloud it would be better. It wasn’t. And it isn’t a year later. It has slowed us down so much because of deploy times and lack of “enterprise support” from Adobe.

Patrick Steil, Cloud Software Developer

In this video, Mark chats about everything Adobe doesn’t want you to know about Magento Cloud when considering it for a Magento Commerce hosting solution.

There you can read about

Magento Cloud Real performance:

Magento Cloud vs AWS Cloud performance :

Magento/APP Cloud Architect. Melting metal server infrastructure into cloud solutions.

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