Magento an Adobe Commerce Cloud vs AWS Cloud Performance and Price comparison

Yegor Shytikov
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Magento Cloud is a real shame for Adobe. First of all, Magento doesn't have any cloud it is just a Platform.SH white label franchise. When you are creating a Magento Cloud account you need to agree with the Platform.SH terms of services. Magento built/franchised “prototype” of Magento Commerce Cloud to sell it to Adobe and earn more acquisition points by following follow the global cloud migration trend. The second point was the Bluefoot CMS builder added to the Enterprise core. Magento Cloud is a single-tenant hosting mold from the different 3-d party technologies from the multiple vendors that don’t work well together however has great advertisements and propaganda campaigns. Also, Magento partners are pushed to sell half-backed cloud to their clients together with enterprise licenses. Magento Cloud has an Admin area written on Drupal. Serious companies will not use a similar tech stack to build something innovative. So, Magento just misleading about cloud innovations. Let’s check the performance and price of the Magento Cloud vs AWS Cloud.

We evaluated many PaaS providers for Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, but was the obvious choice for us.



The cheapest Magento Cloud PRO cost around 1500–2000$ months, however, the sales strategy of Magento is to give a cloudy solution for free for one year, and after you will need to pay the FULL price.

Magento CLOUD PRO provisioned AWS resources.

The minimal cost for businesses with revenue less than 1 Million Magento cloud will cost 40,000 - 22,000 =$18,000 annually or 18,000/12 =1500$ monthly minimum excluding different onboarding, setup, etc. fees. Maximum is not limited and with the higher price, you will not have the better performance you will just pay more.

Magento Cloud Starter PRO cost is $18K annually or $1500 monthly.

Magento Enterprise Commerce Cloud Edition is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. In fact, as 30 percent of Magento Enterprise clients already self-host on AWS without Magento Cloud.

Magento Cloud Pro 12 has the next configuration: 12-vCPU (4 x 3 nodes) and 48GB RAM (16 x 3 nodes). Also, you might sign a contract on 3 years minimum.

Let's check how much these resources cost with AWS directly without Magento Cloud mediation.

M5.4xlarge 16 vCPU -64 GiB memory will cost $243 per month or $2916 per year with a reservation for 3 years.

So we can see that Magento Cloud cost is 7 times more than if to host your site directly. + you will have more resources and better performance and you can use AWS services. Aws is resources really limited only by EC2 instances. You can’t use EFS, Serverless Lambda, S3 with Magento Cloud.

Let's check performance.

Magento Commerce Cloud vs AWS Cloud performance

One of the Fortune 100 businesses asked to move the website from the low-performance Magento cloud to AWS. At some point in time, I had both, Magento Cloud and AWS websites running the same code. I made some Magento performance measurements. I also wanna tell that I used fewer resources than Magento cloud has for that test. My AWS infrastructure cost was R5.large — 2vCPU + t3.large 2 vCPU MySQL RDS — 40$ + 50$

I have used this AWS environment for the performance test and as a development environment for some time.

Smallest AWS Magento cloud infrastructure

Next performance was checked:

  1. Product Page Simple and Configurable
  2. Category Page
  3. Add to cart
  4. GraphQL performance

I made 10 requests with concurrency 1. the result is an average.

Magento 2.3 PHP 7.3 Simple Product Performance test:

Magento Cloud Simple Product performance:

Result: 2151ms per page

AWS Cloud Single Page performance Result:

Result: 1193ms per simple product page

So, we can see that our development environment was 2 TIMES faster than boring Magento Cloud! ;)

Magento 2.3 configurable product performance:

We will use configurable products with 5 variations.

Magento 2.3 Commerce Cloud configurable product performance:

Resul: 1726ms per configurable product page

Magento 2.3 AWS Cloud Performance:

Result: 1130ms default mode no autoloader dump. After optimization:

I’m sorry guys I forgot to run optimizations on AWS:

composer dump -o

And also mod was the default. However, anyway it is in favor of Magento Cloud, and even without this optimization AWS is faster than funny Magento Cloud

After we will see results after optimizations. When I checked the result after optimization they are almost the same maybe some 20ms improvements don’t change the general picture. Also, we can see that any of the mystic “optimizations” advertised by Magento and its partners (mode production and dump autoloader) don't improve performance. 20ms per 1000ms request is a joke.

Category Page performance:

Magento Cloud:

Results: 1721 ms performance

AWS Cloud Magento Performance:

Result: 1338 ms performance

Also, we can see AWS delivers mo stable results than Mage Cloud.

Add to Cart Magento 2 Performance

Magento Cloud

Result: 1440 ms

AWS Cloud

Results: 833ms

Also, we can see that section AJAX takes less time with AWS 669 vs 876 Magento Cloud

Magento 2.3 GraphQL performance:

Graph QL performance is really important for modern eCommerce because Adobe recognized that Magento 2 performance sucks and has discontinued the legacy Magento front and is in favor of Magento headless React PWA.


Magento Cloud AWS Performance:

Result: 707 ms per Graph QL request

Magento Graph QL performance :

Result: 449 ms

Magento Performance Pivot table:

Magento Cloud vs AWS Cloud Price :

AWS development environment has a better 20–100% performance than Magento 2 Cloud production with the 15 times less price — 100$ vs 1500$ If to buy more resources from AWS you could achieve better performance. However, with Magento Cloud with the bigger performance, you couldn’t archive perter base performance you will just pay multiple times more.



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