Magento as a Service Magneto Shop platform

Welcome to Magneto SHOP, the hosted eCommerce (SaaS) solution for small and medium businesses with enterprise ambitions.
Magneto offers the power and flexibility of the Magento 2 platform at a price that every business can afford.

Because Magento SaaS is a secure, cloud-based, Software as a Service solution, there is no software to install or servers to manage. We handle the technology, so you can focus on your business. To get started, we recommend that you sign up for an always free 30-product plan. If you’re in a hurry, you can sign up right away for one of our monthly plans. Let’s begin!

Your Magento SaaS Login Credentials

Go to:

Fill the registration form fields

Your Store Name: domain

Email: your email address also is your Login

Password: ******

Create a store form

You are now a member of the fastest-growing and dynamic community of eCommerce merchants and developers in the world! Before you go any further, make sure that you have the information you need to access your store and Magneto account.

Your Welcome Email

The Welcome email you receive when you sign up contains your login instructions and important information about your account.
Make sure to keep the information in a safe place where it can be easily found.

Magento SaaS Storefront

The Store URL in the Welcome email is a hyperlink that takes you to your store’s Home page. Your Store URL looks like this:

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Magento SaaS store front

Magento SaaS Store Admin area

The Admin URL in the Welcome email is a hyperlink that takes you to the Login page of your store’s Admin Panel. The address is the same as your store, but with “ /admin” at the end. It looks like this:

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Magento SaaS Store Admin

Video How to create Magento SaaS store:

Create Magneto SaaS store

Your Magneto SHOP Account

Your Magneto account provides access to information about your current products and services, account settings, business plan, billing history, and support resources. Visit the Magneto site and click Login.

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Our tech support team is here to help you with a wide variety of technical support issues, basic design and store configurations.

Support provides via Email, Forum, GitHub.

GitHub issues can be used to keep track of bugs, enhancements, or other requests:

Support Email:

Knowledge Base

Got a question? The Magneto Knowledge Base has an answer. Our Knowledge Base is your one-stop-shop for helpful articles and how-to guides, as well as technical product documentation.

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Video Tutorials

Watch our easy-to-follow video tutorials for tips on how to create and manage your Magneto store.

Discussion Forum

Looking to connect and learn from other Magneto merchants or experts? Tap into the community at our Discussion Forum.

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Magneto SaaS Blog

Check out our Blog for the latest on new product features, eCommerce trends, best practices, upcoming events, and more!

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