Magento SaaS vs. Shopify

Choosing the right eCommerce platform can have a huge impact on your business. So, which one is best? It all depends on your specific needs, products, market and eCommerce objectives, and the choice you make is super important.

To help you choose your next eCommerce platform upgrade, we broke down the most significant selling points to find the answers to who wins when it comes to Magneto Shop — Magento eCommerce SaaS ( vs. Shopify.

Multi-Store Management

If being able to manage an unlimited number of online storefronts as efficiently as possible is important to you, then Magento wins on the multi-store management front. Unlike currently with Shopify Plus, Magento Commerce has more advanced multi-store capabilities, allowing brands to manage a multitude of storefronts from one account interface.

The benefits are being able to create different websites and storefronts with a central panel that lets you change themes and edit extensions so that each store has its own identity. Magento Commerce has four hierarchical levels: global, website, store and store view.

This is not to say Shopify Plus doesn’t offer its own multi-store features. Shopify now allows for dedicated storefronts for customizing international eCommerce and a personalized wholesale channel for their high-volume customers.

License Costs

Shopify Plus and Magento Commerce SaaSeach have license costs to consider and are roughly based on a store’s revenue. Magento SaaS charges with a minimum of $10 per month with a free plan available. While Shopify Plus charges a minimum fixed rate of $2,000 (plus payment fees) month-to-month.

Maintenance Costs

When comparing Magento 2 SaaS and Magento self-hosted management costs, you need to compare hosting, site tweaks and bug fixes, and functionality updates.

With regards to security patches, Magento SaaS and Shopify works out cheaper as the platform handles these for you. This is because Magento SaaS includes hosting in their monthly fee, meaning no additional costs and admin will need to go into ensuring your security patches, downtime, PC compliance and SSL certificate are monitored and handled.


Magento SaaS has extensible cloud scalability. Big brands can buy additional dedicated resources to improve base performance in case of high load. Shopify has Admin API calls limit 2–4 requests per second. Magento SaaS doesn't have any limits.

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